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His Belief in Education Drives Paul Mengert and AMG

March 22, 2018

It is clear that the devotion of Paul Mengert, AMG’s founder and lead executive, to education and training is very strong. He has served on the national senior faculty for the Community Associations Institute for years, for example, and he still teaches classes to trainees and staff of homeowner's associations nationwide. The classes are so good, they serve as continuing education credits by prominent groups like the South Carolina Department of Real Estate, the North Carolina Board of Realtors, and many others.

No one can argue the fact that education is a major focus for Paul Mengert, AMG (Association Management Group) founder and current chef executive. Put simply, AMG is all about education, from top to bottom. The firm serves a primarily educational purpose, after all. AMG is a management company, but a large portion of it functions as a shorter version of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program for those who work in homeowners’ associations around the country. Many AMG instructors are executives with various companies, including managing partners, presidents, and even a few CEOs. That includes companies that are among the most iconic in the nation, like Microsoft.